Get 10x Adwords Clients With Our White Label Adwords Audit Tool

  • White label Solution
  • Fully automated, takes less than 1 minute to run the whole analysis
  • Runs 35+ different analysis on your data
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We do not share your adwords or personal data with anyone and nor do we make any changes to your adwords account. For more read Privacy policy

For the longest time, I wanted to use the same tactics as Neil Patel or Hubspot and use an automated tool for lead generation. With AnalyzeMySite, I can get more leads and at the same time provide more value to my clients, without making a big investment

Jim WilliamsonSpark Marketing Agency

Are you not converting your website visitors?

A lot of agencies offer free AdWords audits to convert their website traffic, but the end user has no idea about the value he is going to receive at the end of this audit and everyone else is providing the same so why wait around for you.

With our white-label AdWords audit tool, your clients can see the value they will get from the audit, and it is automated so the reward for them is instantaneous.

With a fully automated solution, you also show how your agency is “Data Driven” and uses all available technology to provide the best result to the clients.

Are you wasting too much time doing free audits for leads that do not convert?

With a fully automated tool, your time investment to create new audit reports also becomes zero.

Most agencies will spend about an hour to two hours for every single audit report they create, this is too much of an investment for a lead that has yet not been qualified.

With our adwords audit tool, you can focus on the 20% of the leads that convert.

Use our free Adwords Audit tool and skyrocket your Landing page conversions

  • Fully white label, final report is on your website along with your company branding.
  • Reports also contain internal links to your website calendar/contact pages so leads can book a sales call with your team.
  • Includes detailed analysis and recommendations on how to improve an AdWords account
  • Report provides a grade score , so your leads can understand how their AdWords account is performing relative to industry benchmarks.
  • Works for both ecommerce and Google search ads

The Things The Adwords Audit Tool Analyzes On Adwords

  • KPI progression
  • Negative keywords
  • Underperforming keywords
  • Wasted spend
  • Landing pages
  • Quality score
  • Match types
  • Ad relevancy
  • Hour of Day
  • Ecommerce Performance
  • Device Bids
  • Ad position
  • SKAG
  • A/B testing
  • Product groups



15 Reports a Month



80 Reports a Month


Big Shot

200 Reports a month


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We do not share your adwords or personal data with anyone and not do we make any changes to your adwords account. For more read Privacy policy